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Redefining Retail Economics   

crypto store that transforms discounts into yearly income

Building a Global Income Ecosystem

Cryptobrands Corp, is a online decentralized store working to transform the retail industry into becoming a passive income outfitter for shoppers worldwide. No matter resident status, background history or geographical location. The sectors we are attempting to disrupt are both private sectoral and government budget overreach. When a shopper decide to browse online or visit the nearest shopping mall  gaining income from spending would seem very far-fetched. 

Almost every item purchased globally loses 80% of its value within 3 yrs of purchase. The average person through their lifetime loses an estimated $750,000 dollars over 30 years  which is caused by aggressive product devaluation.  Below are a few of the economic factors that hinders education and retirement that will be challenged by decentralized retail therefore increasing the chances of retirement.  

1. Unemployment  2. Income Inequality 3. Financial Bias 4. Credit Card Debt 5. Overpriced Loans

6. Mortgage default 7. Tokenism 8. Student Loans 9. Car Payments

5%-10% of all sales discounts will be transferred into a digital asset trading globally and held equivalently as in-store rewards gifted to shoppers. Each item will have a digital asset attached specifically to that item, not the overall transaction. Our business model was created to opt diversify  essential to growth and development of market participants to achieve life long income for shoppers. Spending and Income has never been subject to each other for shoppers until now. Decentralized retail will solve a wide range of issues. The U.S retail sales report for 2018 concluded a record $6 trillion dollars in retail sales.


Tim went online to Cryptobrands corp online store because he heard its the only online store that helps its customers gain income. 

He decided to purchase 3 items

1. 1 Shoes $60-----10%off= $6/Asset Gifted Xinfin(XDCE) .0006 = 10,000 Xinfin  2 yr later XDCE  $3.00 per coin = $30,000 USD

2. 1 Hat   $15-----5% off= .75 Asset Gifted Hydro (HYDRO).001  = 750 Hydro      2 yr later HYDRO $7.00 per coin = $5250 USD

3. 1 Watch $300----5%off = $15 Asset Gifted Cardano(ADA) .04  = 375 ADA        2 yr later ADA   $5.00 per coin = $1875 USD

Total $37,125 USD 

Income from Shopping   



a token that will affect everything and everyone (CVS)

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Ethereum Smart Bagpack


Ethereum lovers  network smart choice bagpack. Anti Theft bag that's both waterproof has TSA lock. 15.6 Smart USB port for Laptop.  Best choice Bagpack for the smartest business women/ men and students. 

PRICE $89.00                                                                         CT/XDCE 

Designed by Cryptobrands, Corp

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Ledger Pocket Wallet


The Ledger Pocket Wallet is one of the most unique inventions created by Cryptobrands, Corp. It holds 1 Ledger Nano S, 1 Drivers License, 1 Credit or Debit Card and 1 Social Security Card.

Price $30.00                                                                          CT/DTA

Designed  by Cryptobrands, Corp

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XRP Cross Border Placila


Ambiguous design touts the meaning of decentralization. Introducing the XRP Cross Border Placila. Buckle refined in the finest silver.  Authentic cowhide  belt with no holes automatically locks around the waist. Designed for loyal XRP fans. 

PRICE $ 63.00                                                                       CT/ NPXS

Designed  by Cryptobrands, Corp                  

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Apocryphon Crypto Watch


 Inspired  by the decentralized network. This ladies watch has 316L Stainless Steel Casing, 40mm Case Diameter, 3ATM Water Resistant, Sapphire Crystal with Italian Leather Band. Caliber Swiss Movement.  

Price  $389.00                                     CT/GEM

Designed  by Cryptobrands, Corp   

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XRP Consensus


The XRP Consensus luxury master-piece embodied 20ATM, Mens Chronograph, Tachymeter, Case and Band made with Stainless Steel. Includes Sapphire Glass with Japanese Movement. 



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Watch our video below and we hope that you enjoy what we are in the process of building. A better future for future generations. 

Millions of people can achieve income through decentralized shopping

Cryptobrands, Corp Vision

 Our vision is to exert divinity and class in products backed by digital assets and tokenization resilience. Transforming retail shopping is essential in protecting customers from losing their earnings through product devaluation. Cryptobrands, Corp thrives for quality concessional products to surmount the ecosystem through growth and diversification.  


Product devaluation is problematic and is being addressed currently. Years of wages earned has diminished by centralized retail which continues to disrupt the economy through over-expansion. 

Political centralized retail has hindered future financial surpluses by schematizing fictitious discount patterns with products in the economy.



Decentralized shopping has the best solution for growing decentralized platforms.  It allows every item sold globally to gain value no matter the geographical or physical location. Even if the physical product is resold for cash to someone else the original purchaser still has access to the digital asset attached.    


We believe if an item is going to be purchased it should have a chance to gain value on the decentralized network.



Centralization uses analytical factors to determine economical spending patterns. Consumers typically spend in the economy through shopping and monthly recurring cost in living expenses. 

Both the recurring and nonrecurring cost doesn't hold any true value that profits the individuals future spending power. Consumers earnings are spent though goods and services while monetized benefits gets introverted aggressively towards an external economy. Decentralized spending changes this 100%. 

BTC Luxury Watch

Currently being designed is one of the most intriguing BTC crypto watches. Please email us if interested. 

A Glimpse of the watch will be posted  MAY 11th 2019


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