How we do business

Distinguishing ourselves as a crypto-brand company that solidifies its foundation towards transforming the retail industry.  How do we do it? We accomplish this by gifting shoppers points that are equal to XRP , TKY, GEM, HYDRO, DATA, TENX etc. 1 Digital Payment Point=1 Coin or Token that is equivalent  (CT) Convertible to that digital asset. 

Billions of products are sold while the buyers lifestyle undoubtedly is of no concern once the sale is complete. Cryptobrands, Corp has developed the first line of products that  gifts protection with DP Points. DP Points fights against product devaluation encouraging future income and endowments. 

Points Redeemable

Central or traditional retailers uses re-compensation assorted discounts to ensure consumers overlook product devaluation at purchase. Cryptobrands, Corp decided to offer digital assets in conjunction. All  2019 points gained  will not be available for withdrawal until December 31st 2021.  All FREE asset class points will be stored offline or on a regulated exchange pending effective date of withdrawal. 

Why must shopping change?

Our world is changing rapidly therefore we think shoppers should have protection with digital gifting systems rewarded in digital asset.  Businesses, payment companies and product brands accumulate wealth while the  average customer gets zero financial protection because of product devaluation.  

Our company plans on changing  the shopping experience starting with our own products.  We hope you like what Cryptobrands, Corp stands for and extends to achieve for the future.