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Token Product Line

How can we help?

We help tokens by offsetting their balance sheet with a physical product that investors may like. This will help to keep the price  of the token elevated without the company having to worry about sacrificing tokens within their personal portfolio.

Every month the prices of most tokens  deflate especially when there is a large sell off for company expenses. When this sell off occurs investors sometimes panic-sell depleting liquidity reserves and positive price fluctuation for the following months to come. 

Products that can be offered

Distinctively our product line of choice  consist of customized timepieces, belts, bracelets etc.  Each client will be given a list of  various styles for optimization. The minimum order for 1st order will be under 500 units but not less than one hundred.  

This depends on the advancements and additions requested within the product itself. The quantity  will depend on the quality of the product timeline for delivery.       

Protecting tokens from failing

Our understanding of what a token has to go through to excel investors are blatantly obscured from its process. Massive expenses are incurred at initial launch divisively many find themselves with massive legal fees for advisory purposes and project expansion plans.  

Established exchanges charges exorbitant fees plus lets not forget, computer hardware advancements, contractors cost, building expansion, staff increase.  These expenses ranges in the hundreds of thousands of dollars sometimes millions. We've established  a product line that commences growth in an tokens future and present reliance. 

Timepieces Available for Tokens

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